Mission Statement

In accordance with Chris Sievey’s own wishes before his untimely death, we pledge to preserve his legacy by producing high-quality, authentic ‘official’ merchandise that is made with love, integrity and attention to detail.

These days, existing original Sidebottom/ Sievey art and memorabilia is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive (Hey, if you have something, we would love to see it!) 

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for fans to own affordable and desirable products, some of which will hopefully become collectable in their own right.

Chris has left us with an amazing body of work, which we are using as source material for all our products. Every image, piece of written material or any audio track we use, was originally created by Chris Sievey.

The archive is now preserved forever in the archives+ vault in Manchester, held under temperature-controlled conditions. We can’t thank them enough for giving Chris's work the cultural provenance he deserves.

We have hardly scratched the surface with the breadth of material within the archive and as long as there is support and demand for Sidebottom/Sievey-related merchandise, we will strive to meet that demand over the coming years.

“11:37” as a company, was set up by Chris in 1985... the P.O. box is sadly now obsolete but the company lives on!

Best Regards,

The Sievey Estate.